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Welcome to
Lawrence Data Science.

Established in 2021, the LU Data Science Club (LUDSC) is a student organization focused on diving deeper into the data-verse in hopes to better understand the topics and tools of data science, big data, and machine learning. We focus on learning together the basics of topics in data science such as data visualization, manipulation, predictive modeling, and machine learning. Focusing on R and Python, we hope to foster a learning environment for students of all skill levels.

You are welcome to join us regardless of your current skill level or research interest topic; our members explore everything from neuroscience and astrophysics to music, politics and sports analytics!

Every year, the Lawrence University Data Science Club hosts Datathon, an event in which students from all academic backgrounds are welcome to participate. After cleaning and organizing the dataset, students provide insightful visuals and interpretations and present it in front of audience and judges. The graphs need to be simple to comprehend, have significance, and primarily speak to the participants' areas of greatest interest. By considering your personal interests and how they may affect society, we can discover the real meaning of a liberal arts education. The participants are given a platform to interact and network with various individuals. Teams who win get to practice interviews with major IT and Finance companies. We are expanding the chances this year by allowing universities such as UW Oshkosh and UW Greenbay to participate.

Click here to learn more about Datathon

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